customer Testimonials

Although we have customers who go the extra mile to advance the TeaVantage brand passionately, we are grateful for many wonderful customers and friends who continues giving loyal support to our brand and its Mission. These are only a small sampling of our fans happy to express their honest and encouraging TeaVantage experience with our shoppers. Thank you for articulating your kind words with the rest of our tea loving community. It means a lot to all of us and those we are helping!

I recently tried a caffeine-free, Lemon Myrtle Rooibos tea from TeaVantage. What a treat! I do not often stray from my usual green teas, but I found the aroma of this tea to be absolutely irresistible. I have tried steeping from one to five minutes, and each minute longer seemed to release some flavors I hadn't caught before. I love the subtle lemony taste, as it doesn't dominate the bright floral enhancements.

by John P. - Auburn, WA

I am very particular about the tea I drink, and have traditionally purchased my tea when in Germany. However, now that I am drinking my morning black tea from TeaVantage, I have finally found one that measures up to any I have found anywhere. Their tea is remarkably fresh and the caffeine is moderate. I like the personal touch TeaVantage provides, as they match the right tea to each customer. I have tried their Rooibos and Wellness teas as well. I especially love their grapefruit flavored tea in the afternoon.

by Regina H. - Auburn, WA

I would like to express my thoughts about the Robbins' and their business. I have known them several years in all walks of life, and know of their integrity and compassion for others. I've also personally sampled a wide selection of their tea products captivating my taste buds and senses from the aroma and flavors they create. Relax and take in the variety of tea choices TeaVantage offers for a soothing moment.

by JoAnne H. - Bonney Lake, WA