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"The Spice of Chai" (Caff) Teas

Start your day with a Chai Latte and boost your mornings! Chai recipes differ greatly across many countries, towns, cultures and homes who create them. Ingredients are typically a combination of black teas and a myriad of spices known for their historically healthy advantages. Countries, like India, have consumed Chai tea for centuries to aid in preserving health and well-being. In India, Chai is a way of life and part of their daily activities.

Researchers continue to unlock the many benefits derived from mother nature. Our Artisan crafter's unique blend uses the finest quality of each ingredient for premium results. Learn more about aniseed, black pepper, chili, chicory root, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom or turmeric spices commonly found in these teas. Experience great taste, calm and wellness when making Chai a part of your daily fitness ritual. Rejuvenate and awaken your mind, body and soul for a vibrant you!

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Classical Chai Spice Black Caff Loose-Leaf Tea CLASSICAL CHAI SPICE

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Tantalizing Turmeric Chai Black Caff Loose-Leaf Tea TANTALIZING TURMERIC CHAI

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