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Inner Page Menus

Notes on navigating our Menus system. Organization of our website requires a system of menus to help you easily find categories of products and information more easily as we grow. Below are descriptions of our menu system:

We have essentially four (4) Menu systems of departments. They are:

  1. Our primary Top Tabs Menu and Sub-Menus available consistently on home landing page and all pages.

  2. A Photo Grid Menu below the cover slideshow driven by blocks of photos & text in the section called "Explore by Category" (only seen on home landing page). This Photo Grid Menu only visually represents a few highlighted links contained in this grid. To see the expanded menu list, you must access the Inner Page Menus visible in the left margin.

  3. An Inner Page Menus and Sub-Menus located in the left margin (only visible when navigating away from the main home landing page).

  4. A Footer Menu available consistently at the bottom of every page.

There are three (3) ways to access the Inner Page Menus system:

  1. From the "HOME" tab (in Top Tabs Menu in sub-category link "Inner Page Menus").

  2. Or by clicking on any other Top Tabs Menu (other than the "HOME" tab) the Inner Page Menus will appear in the left margin.

  3. Or by clicking anywhere on the Photo Grid Menu (only seen on the main home landing page).

Steps 1-3 will navigate you easily back and forth to see and access this Inner Page Menus.