Meet The Founders

Athena Robbins
President & CEO

Specializes in business formation, branding & product development and project planning. Trained in various aspects of business, manufacturing & system processes, and advanced computer & digital technologies. Responsible for the daily operations of the company, as well as tea tasting & blending. For fun, enjoys tea party events, professional photography work, designing, graphic & fine art, and much more.

Ian Robbins
V.P. of Sales & distribution

Experience with growing businesses competitively, tea & coffee plantation field management & manufacturing, and international importing & exporting. Responsible for Sales & Distribution. A great people manager & motivator. A tea & coffee taster, blender, and buyer. For fun, enjoys traveling to explore new places, friends, music, and golfing for a lifetime.

Meet the Founders of TeaVantage, Inc. (a.k.a. TeaVantage) Ian & Athena Robbins, a unique powerhouse couple with hearts as big as their vision!

Ian's from down under Australia and Athena's originally from the South Pacific, both with origins and cultures of hospitality and exotic beginnings.

The pair have impeccable taste and creative styles to go along with their love of the tea industry business. The Robbins' have a strong passion for people, health tea and adventure just to name a few.

Although the two are world's apart in unique upbringing and culture, they're both a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the values and purpose they hold dear. When it comes to people and business, both share a common belief in doing their best with integrity, while having fun!  Where possible, Ian and Athena enjoys giving back charitably to help others and worthwhile causes. Both have a long history of giving and making a difference.

Ian lives and breathes business, family, adventure and golf, while Athena lives and breaths nearly the same, along with other creative and technical interests. There's no doubt these two are the Ying and the Yang of each other, and people quickly recognize their unforgettable personalities and talents after spending just a few minutes with the couple.

Underneath those smiling faces are two very determined and battle-scarred warriors who laugh at challenges with infectious crazy humor! Their goal is to build and use TeaVantage as a vehicle to effect positive changes in peoples' lives and communities.

TeaVantage would like to invite you to help support its business Vision & Mission, so together we can make a difference bringing our communities together more strongly. Stay tuned and stay connected to watch the progress you'll be a part in creating. Thank you for supporting small businesses with a dream, and we hope you'll spread the word about TeaVantage!

team members

sabrina martin

Sabrina's a die-hard, hardworking tea fan, single mom and long-time team member of TeaVantage. She has been working with the Robbins as a volunteer, then part-time since 2008. We consider her an invaluable part of our family and someone we value greatly! A loyal and trustworthy soldier dedicated to growing with our business and serving its customers with a heart of gold! She enjoys handcrafting beautiful ceramic work and loves cooking, baking, cats and wildlife.

Mila james

Mila has recently joined the TeaVantage team assisting with the Orders Dept. She's a great troubleshooter and communicator when it comes to ensuring customers have a great experience shopping with us online. Her magic powers are making people feel looked after with processing their orders and from time-to-time troubleshooting hiccups within the system. She's terrific in organizing and keeping our order workflow processes humming smoothly. Mila enjoys hiking, gardening and everything outdoors.