join our affiliate team and earn cash spreading the word about TEAVANTAGE! All you need is a mobile phone and social media, texting, email, or private gatherings and you're on your way!

Would you like to earn cash being social telling others about TeaVantage? Don't miss out!

Sign-Up is simple, but it's a double registration process.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  (NO hidden contracts, fees, expiration or complicated requirements. Cancel anytime with NO hard feelings or obligations. We only need a few basic information to get you started.) 

First, let's address questions you may have on HOW it works. Please take a moment to read thoroughly and take notes. Grab a cup of tea, kick back and enjoy how we can help you earn cash working to promote TeaVantage. When you succeed, we succeed!

  1. Our Affiliate Program allows you to generate real CASH income you can spend anywhere when you help others to shop at by sharing with others. The more you share and have fun recommending us, you increase the chances of people placing an order through your personal Affiliate link, which is assigned to you when you complete the double registration process.

  2. Payouts are based on purchase performance made on your assigned Affiliate Link. When people click on your link and makes a purchase from TeaVantage, you generate a percentage of any tea sales as commission. The more excited and friendly you are when sharing and recommending, the greater the buying performance. We don't "hard sell" anyone, we simply "share and recommend" as you would with friends. We only ask your Affiliate work is done with integrity and in a fun way.

  3. TeaVantage cuts a check twice a month and mails your earning when your sales income reaches $50 or more.

  4. Tools and strategies are constantly being developed to aid our Affiliates in sharing/promoting more effectively and professionally.

  5. We are here to help you succeed, while having a ball in the process! You put in as little or a much time as you desire - it's up to you and your schedule. We'll give you the assistance and tools you'll need to make it happen, and we'll also give you guidance and training on the do's and don'ts when representing the TeaVantage brand.

  6. TeaVantage is hard at work developing effective tools and strategies to make your promotion easier.

TeaVantage does not approve every applicant. We carefully prequalify prospective candidates who will professionally and honestly represent our brand. Adherence to some basic training for "sharing/marketing/promoting" TeaVantage will greatly enhance your confidence and goals.

Here's what we're looking for: 

  • Do you TEXT, EMAIL or MESSAGE people in some way regularly already? Share your Affiliate Link with everyone you know and come across, and have fun doing so while making money when people click on your link to shop.

  • Do you FACEBOOK, INSTRAGRAM or have other social media sites you use for personal and/or business? Share your Affiliate Link there too. Combine your Affiliate Link along with all your happy sharing times with others. It's a no-brainer! Tell everyone about your new adventure with TeaVantage as our Affiliate Marketing Partner.

  • Do you love to BLOG or VLOG? Share your Affiliate Link in articles and videos you write built around the subject of tea, good health & wellness, fitness, foods, drinks, social gatherings, community, and much more!

  • If you're a Blogger/Writer looking to publish your articles with us, we encourage you to visit our TeaVantage Blog. Interested in our online tea community? Then we invite you to submit your work to us. Share your Affiliate Link in your own Blog, or share our articles on our Blog to tell your stories about health and teas. We only approve articles that are well-written and well proofed, formatted nicely and looks professional. We'll even help you with photos you can use to bring appeal to your article before posting.

  • If you're a Business, with a website, and interested in selling our products, Contact Us and let's talk.

  • Are you an awesome Social Butterfly or Advocate for a good cause and love helping others? Have a Tea Party and share . . . share . . . share! That's it! It's a lot of fun while earning real cash you can use, while networking with others - we'll even help you with other great ideas to support your success! It's simple and can be made a part of your everyday adventure with others online.

It's FREE to Sign Up to be an Affiliate 
and start earning right away!

We've developed the tools you'll need within your online TeaVantage registered Customer Account. But first and foremost, you must have registered an account with us in order to proceed to the Affiliate Sign Up process. Once you've registered, then you can successfully begin the Affiliate sign up.

You can earn from anywhere at anytime at your leisure. You only need a smartphone to start. If you're really motivated with how things are going, and would like to increase your activity, you can take it to the next level using a tablet or computer. We're happy to give you further video instructions on just how to do that!

How to qualify as a TeaVantage Affiliate.

We are looking to work with and help:

  • honest, positive and motivated individuals (or business people) with integrity to represent our brand in a professional manner. We seek individuals who enjoys helping others and promoting well-being and community;

  • people who appreciates the benefits of drinking tea, living healthy, hosting parties and sharing with a community of other awesome fun people; 

  • candidates who have one or more social media of friends, acquaintances, and/or network(s) (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, LinkedIn, Skype, and traditional Meet-Up groups in person, etc.);

  • individuals who Messengers, Texts, Emails, and/or uses other online networking platforms to keep in touch with others, are some of the ways you can share; and

  • people who are comfortable using their smartphone, tablet and/or computer, and who is comfortable with smartphones or computers, and enjoys using the internet to stay connected with others. It's easily integrated into what you're doing already, and fits everyone's schedule anytime and anywhere. We have no pressures for quotas . . . it's up to you to fit it in to your schedule however you like.

Other ideal candidates. 

Who else can we help?

  • young adults attending school and seeking extra income to help with expenses and other fun needs;

  • retired individuals, Veterans, and the functioning disabled seeking a little extra cash for hobbies or needs, or someone looking for something meaningful and fun to do;

  • individuals looking to fundraise to support a worthy cause close to their hearts;

  • non-profits organizations also doing fundraising for important projects;

  • stay at-home moms looking to supplement their income or their kids' education and additional expenses;

  • Bloggers/Writers and Vloggers are also great candidates; and

  • teachers and educators needing to supplement their classroom projects - sky's the limit!

These are just a few ideas of who can qualify as a TeaVantage Affiliate. We're here to help share our growth and success with you, because it fits our Vision and Mission Statement. We know these times are challenging for many people, so we've tailored this program as a way we can all help each other.

Ready to get started? Congratulations! Start here.

Welcome! We're looking forward to having some fun helping you earn with TeaVantage.

(Note:  Our Affiliate Program is currently only available in the U.S. market. Any future program updates and/or expansion to outside the U.S., will be announced on our website, social media and/or by email newsletter). 

1st Registration Process:  Sign-Up/Register for a FREE TeaVantage Customer Account Start here! 

If you already have a FREE TeaVantage Customer Account, start with item (2.) and register for an account first before starting the Affiliate Sign Up - Otherwise Skip to Next Section Below:  

  1. Click Create a New Customer Account to sign up and get established in our system with your contact details first. This will take you to the "SIGN UP" page, scroll down to "START SIGN UP NOW!" and then to begin at the "Create New Account . . .".

  2. Click the "Submit Registration" button when you've completed the form.

  3. Check the "Check Box" if you would like to keep up-to-date with our newsletter on specials, discounts, coupons or Affiliate related information, then click "CONTINUE" button.

  4. Next, you'll go to the "Enter a new shipping address . . ." page to complete your details (if you're an individual, SKIP the "Company:" field). When completed click the "CONTINUE" button. 

  5. If your "Billing Address" is not the same as your "Shipping Address", complete "Enter a new billing address . . ." page, then click "CONTINUE" to finalize to the "LOGIN" page.

  6. LOGIN with your new Email and Password. Your account allows you to see all your account activities (e.g. Purchases, History, Reward Points, Affiliate Stats and Account Balances, and more).

  7. Next, you'll be asked for a Website Address. If you're not a business and don't have a website, no worries, use your Blog site URL Address or your social media Home page URL Address one of these will act as your website address. We require a way to review the integrity of our Affiliate applicants by reviewing applicant public profiles. Not every applicant is approved. Applicant integrity will be key in our review process.

  8. If you are not a registered business, your SSN# (for individuals/non-business only) is required to track Affiliate Payouts as income to you. The law requires us to issue 1099's at the end of the year for tax purposes. If you're a business, we'll require a business EIN# or UBI#. That's it!  Not to worry . . . all your private information is highly guarded and protected at all cost! TeaVantage never sells or advertises your personal information to any other parties, and is kept highly confidential within our company.

  9. After completing your application submission, we'll reviewed it. You'll be informed of a decision within 24 to 48 hours. Not all applicants are guaranteed approval. You must have a URL Address for either a Website, a social media -or- a Blog site to qualify.

  10. How to check your application approval:

    • Login to your TeaVantage Customer Account first.

    • Then click on "My Account" (very Top Right Corner of our web page).

    • Once on your "My Account" page, check for a link called "Visit My Affiliate Page". If you see this link, you've been approved! This link takes you to your Affiliate Account dashboard page to see your Commissions, Payout Percentages, Sales made, and more.

    • Here you'll also find your complete Affiliate Link under "Helpful Reminders Your Link:". Copy or write down the URL Address and save where you can access it quickly. Copy & Paste this link to any source where you would like to share or post it. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  You must use this Affiliate Link you've been assigned every time you share, so it tracks all of your sales and stats to get paid.

    • We also provide Affiliates some banner tools under "Generate Banner Ads" to share beautifully designed TeaVantage graphics that can be used with your Affiliate Link Hyperlinked to it (click here for Hyper Linking instructions) your Affiliate Link to the banner graphic before posting/sharing/marketing. These professional banner graphics will catch the eye further enhancing and attracting interest to aid in your success!

  11. We are offering a generous Commission, than most, to start. Currently we pay 10% on Sub-Total of Sales (does not include Tax & Shipping amounts), and for tea products only at this time (subject to change anytime with or without notice). TeaVantage loose leaf teas are our highest volume selling products - therefore, the easiest product to earn money more easily.

  12. Checks are issued and mailed immediately to Affiliate Partners once Commissions have reached fifty dollars ($50) or more. Anything under $50, will be mailed out twice a month (usually the 15th and 30th of every month).

  13. Sales generated by your Affiliate Link are tracked by our system automatically - keeping it simple and accurate. Follow Step 9 above to get to your Affiliate Account page to track your balances and stats anytime.

  14. Lastly, we can't wait to help you earn with TeaVantage! Next, click Continue below to complete your Affiliate Sign Up process. We only need two pieces of information for you to complete your application. Make your sharing count with $$$ in your pocket to spend anywhere you like! We're looking forward to working with you.

Already Have a Free TeaVantage Customer Account? Start Here:

  1. If you already have an account, finish reading to the end of this page and click on the yellow "CONTINUE" button to Sign Up as an Affilliate.

  2. Next, complete our simple form with your Website, Social Media or Blog URL Address (log into your Social Media/Blog Home Page and copy the URL Address at the top of your Browser), then add a Tax ID# (SSN# or EIN#) for TeaVantage's Tax Reporting requirements for all independent Affiliates - submit and that's it!

  3. Next, you'll see a confirmation page with the message, "Please allow 24 hours for your account to be approved and fully activated." You're done! Wait for our approval.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: It's important to understand we are obligated by law to report the earnings TeaVantage, Inc. pays out to all of its Affiliates. The use of your Social Security Number (SSN is for Tax Reporting purposes only if you are not registered as a business. Rest assured your most valuable personal information registered with us is extremely confidential and highly guarded. Your information will never be used for any other purpose. We do not require your personal Date of Birth or Driver's License for tax reporting, only your Full Name and SSN#, or if you're a business, your EIN# or UBI#. We are a legally registered corporation and licensed to do business in the State of Washington with UBI# 604-018-982, and registered with the IRS with EIN# 81-5020382 for tax/earning reporting. You are welcome to check us out to build your trust or call us directly at (253) 863-1451, to speak with a live person regarding any questions or concerns you might have. We want you to feel extremely confident to do business with us!)

We pay you to SHARE the products you love from TeaVantage! The sales generated through your specifically assigned Affiliate Link URL Address is your KEY associated to your account only (please never share your Login Passwords with anyone). Your sales are easily and automatically tracked by our system. It's easy to check your earning results by signing into your account any time. Begin enjoying real cash for spreading the word about TeaVantage! It's a WIN-WIN proposition!

Is there someone you would like to help learn about us to also earn extra cash?

You can do one better by helping others become a part of your team as your Sub-Affiliate and get paid on their sales too. We currently only allow one (1) Level of Sub-Affiliate at this time. Program subject to change in the future, and Affiliates will be contacted about new opportunities.

You must use your Affiliate Link ONLY, when sharing. Then give instructions with your Affiliate Link pointing them to the "Become An Affiliate" link (under "OPPORTUNITIES") in the Footer section of our website, and to begin their Sign Up process. Using your Affiliate Link ensures you are credited for sales their links make.

Sub-Affiliate Commissions are 3% of their link sales (Commissions subject to change anytime with or without prior notice).

Simply share this page with them and help them to Sign Up as a TeaVantage Affiliate using your Affiliate Link. They, too, can make extra income from home and build a team, while sharing  or wherever they are located in the U.S.

When they make money, so do you in addition to your own Affiliate Program. We have 2 levels for you to earn money, your account, plus a recruit on your team (contact us for more information on recruiting others on your team to help you sell too).

Thank you for taking the time to review this information thoroughly! We invite you to join our TeaVantage company and start earning today! You really have nothing to lose. We look forward to having you grow with us.

Cheers Mate!

P.S.  If you find any errors in this process or would like to share how we can improve, we'd love to hear from you. And . . . depending on the significance of your finding, you may even be rewarded for your help!