Vision defined

What is VISION? How do you create one? What does it take?  VISION is an inspired image of a DREAM in your mind's eye - a mental picture of your deepest future DESIRES to achieve. VISION engages the power of our minds to IMAGINE a possible reality we want manifested in our lives giving PURPOSE to our existence.

Creating VISION requires quiet moments of listening to our inner being - getting away from the noise and distractions of the busy lives we live. It's visualizing a grander picture, and organizing the priorities for our journey to achieve it. It's planning intangible pieces of thoughts, as if a jigsaw puzzle carefully being fitted into its rightful place. It's working and moving towards CLARITY of PURPOSE, soon followed by PASSION and ACTION. Ultimately . . . it becomes our REALITY if we endure to see it to manifestation.

Our minds possess untapped abilities to crystallize any DESIRED VISION. Once sparked and fanned, the flame of PASSION is ignited. But, PASSION alone is not enough either. It also requires firm DECISIONS and CONVICTIONS. Fueling PASSION to last the long haul takes CONSISTENT ACTION of small steps - like climbing a tree or a mountain, running a marathon or swimming the ocean . . . focus on each step or stroke . . . then take the next . . . and the next 'til you've captured your Vision.

VISION is mental poetry towards building our reality. It requires allowing yourself to DREAM, be INSPIRED and EXPLORE! It also requires other key building blocks like: strong DECISIONS, COMMITMENTS, and ACTIONS. Regardless of the trials of storms and failures sure to come, never lose your VISION/DREAMS! It's all part of the JOURNEY, and the many tests and tribulations we'll encounter to understand WHO we are, WHAT we're made of, and WHY we must OVERCOME.

SUCCESS is inevitable if we continue to learn the HOW. Just start by asking yourself the questions, and soon the answers will follow. No NEW unfamiliar territory is ever without anxiety, doubt and fear, but do it anyway . . . fumbling, stumbling and crawling every day to get momentum going. Short-lived are these obstacles as we discover ourselves and tap into the resources that will mold our reality.

Keep CALM with DETERMINATION . . . engage others to find SOLUTIONS. Try every kind of creative ideas to overcome each growing challenge. Seek wise guidance always - from battle toughened WISDOM of those who came before us. Inevitably, SUCCESS will be yours, but exercise COURAGE and WILL daily to strengthen your pursuit, and don't forget to walk humbly. Get up from every fall and forge on - correcting course when needed, and finding shelter for protection! This is the JOURNEY of LIFE when we choose to follow our VISION.

COMMITMENT to start a JOURNEY will take you through thick and thin, hills and valleys, mud and rocks and everything in between. Refuse to stop except to rest, re-energize and refocus, then continue onto your destination for as long as you are breathing! NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER QUIT or LOOK BACK! And, NEVER DOUBT the DREAMS placed inside of you! SUCCESS to your DESTINY depends on moving through the trials of errors and storms, not camping in them! Is it easy? NO! Is getting left behind easy? NO! Will you tire? YES! Will you find help along the way? YES! Will you find the answers you seek? Only if you seek them.

Last but not least, in this recipe for SUCCESS, is to remove ALL negative and dis-empowering words, speeches, thoughts and people that only brings doubts and fears to your thinking . . . these are the true killers in the mind and soul. Erase virus type vocabularies and statements from your mind and lips . . . such as Can't Do, Won't Do, Shouldn't Do or Don't Do, and inoculate your thoughts with CAN DO, WILL DOMUST DO and HAPPY TO DO!!! Words have Life and Death in them . . . more powerful than we know. Master your WORDS and you'll master your MIND to reach SUCCESS!

~ A. Robbins

The TeaVantage VISION is our motto . . . 

"Tea Time to Imagine . . . inspiring and empowering people beyond circumstances

by embracing possibilities and creative changes one cuppa tea at a time!" 

MISSION explored

From VISION to MISSION! What is our PURPOSE? "Stars align with universal favor for success when VISION, PASSION and DETERMINATION collides with PURPOSE! It's "PURPOSE" where we began our walk towards an important MISSION.

Our Mission to make a difference in people's lives started with building a vehicle that could drive our mission towards achieving to do more for the people we encounter and care about.

Our mission to pay it forward is fueled by the continued blessings we realize daily, and the joy it brings us to see others smile with hope and a renewed spirit. Tea with hospitality was the perfect bridge to gathering others together and creating moments with positive impact.

TeaVantage resulted from many inspirations and aspirations brought about by others who have entered our lives through the coffee and tea industry. Now, we're not only focused on gathering and hospitality, but the tremendous benefits teas, herbs and spices brings to promote one's daily health.

Taking action to an unknown journey takes sheer guts - no doubt about it! Fear has a way of showing up instantly, constantly and deliberately to block DESTINY, and end DREAMS before they even begin! This is life, but we intend to be a unique example of how to overcome by sharing special moments together over tea time.

Driven towards doing more, and refusing to entertain limiting beliefs, we look FEAR in the eyes and forge forward excited about the future. We don't forget to bring along our partner, LAUGHTER, as we adventure on! Mistakes and tiredness are sure to come along with you too. Show them the exit, bounce back, and keep on keeping on anyway!

Plan every action until momentum begins to take control. Learn to use all available resources at your disposal, and if you run out . . . create a new one! Whatever it takes to achieve completing your MISSION to your VISION!

Define your INTENTIONS and execute with ENERGY to overcome resistance. But, remember to bring a good dose of problem-solving determination along the way, wrapped up with immense humor, and a CAN-DO attitude to hurdle over guaranteed roadblocks. Find shelter for protection from difficult storms you can't control, and continue on when you're able again.

~ A. Robbins



The TeaVantage MISSION is . . .

sharing infectious generosity with hospitality through tea time rituals;

preparing a positive and welcoming environment where others can be encouraged to express, explore and excel with their thoughts;

reconnecting and rejuvenating in relaxation with self or others in small joyful moments;

realigning purpose, focus and energy to realize and reach for our highest potentials;

presenting exceptional products and services, which will facilitates these meaningful gatherings of memories;

inspiring powerful purpose and cultivating experiences of diversity and talents from all walks of life;

connecting with people more deeply again to forge stronger relationship bonds and networks; and

building confidence within communities for safety and well-being. 

It starts with TeaVantage inviting you for "Tea Time to Imagine . . . more than just tea!"