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Caffeine-free Orthodox Black Teas

If you aren't craving a caffeine boost but all the health benefits of our orthodox black tea, check out our selection of premium loose leaf teas below. Why should you have to choose between being able to sleep at a reasonable hour and your health? With our decaf black loose leaf tea, you can indulge without having to worry about disrupting your natural sleep cycle. Our exotic Ceylon Orange Pekoe from Sri Lanka features a mild and smooth taste that will help you unwind if you prefer to enjoy your cuppa tea at the end of a long day. The decaf process used on our teas is natural; instead of using a chemical extraction process that can leave harmful chemicals behind, we opt for the carbon dioxide high-pressure method. This method ensures that our high-quality teas don't lose their nutrients, or their rich and exquisite flavor. If you prefer your tea with an extra boost of energy, check out our black flavored teas here.

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Ceylon OP Decaf Black Loose-Leaf Tea CEYLON DECAF [OP]

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