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Caffeinated Loose-Leaf Green Tea

It's no hidden secret that green tea is one of the healthiest caffeine drinks. It offers many health benefits, such as a lower risk of cancer and fat loss. Plus, the caffeine in tea is much less than the caffeine found in more common drinks such as coffee. Caffeine content in green tea is significantly lower, yet it's still enough to produce an effect on the body. Green tea caffeine contains just enough stimulant to hone your focus and improve brain function without overwhelming the body. For an energizing and refreshing cuppa, try our Japanese Organic Green Bancha tea. Or for a tangy, sweet taste, try our Chinese Chun Mee tea. Whatever flavor you crave, you are sure to find it in our selection of delicious artisan green tea leaves. Ditch the coffee and morning jitters. Try a natural and nutrition-packed caffeinated loose-leaf green tea instead.

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Japanese Green Bancha Organic Caff Loose-Leaf Tea GREEN BANCHA (Organic)

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China Chun Mee Organic Green Caff Loose-Leaf Tea CHUN MEE (Organic)

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