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We understand life can get hectic and you may not always have time to brew the perfect cup of tea at home. Perfect for the busy tea lover, our tea makers will make your brewing experience easier and more consistent. You'll find a wide range of tea making equipment below, including teapot brewers, loose leaf brewers, iced tea infusers and gravity teapot brewers. Our Magic II Gravity Teapot Brewer is great for personal use or to share with one other tea lover. It is practical and lightweight and does not sacrifice a beautiful design for functionality. If you need to serve more, our Iced Tea Infuser Glass Pitcher is a great alternative. This pitcher is ideal for a picnic, travel or simply keeping at the office. It is made of borosilicate, which makes it durable, lightweight and stylish. Great for a cold brew, its glass design preserves some of the flavor that plastic does not. TeaVantage provides you with high-quality makers that allow you to take your tea-brewing experience everywhere you go.

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